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in petaluma to 52 in richmond, very mild this morning. san jose, can you see it is 87. most of us are pretty close if not above average with temperatures hanging out from the low 60's to the ♪ >>> oh, yeah, super bowl champ jacoby jones of the ravens, the last dance of the night, definitely one of the most promising. >> oh, yeah. >> bruno really liked it. len thought he was -- should have been -- he only had one week coming off a knee injury. >> it's the first dance, too, yeah. >> the nerves are all gone now. who's going to win it all? kelly monaco will be along later to tell us all about the premiere night. good morning, america on this tuesday morning, george is off. great to have josh here, paula faris with us, as well. >> we have a lot to get to in this half hour. including another bizarre twist in the so-called breakup murder trial. a psychologist is revealing in court why jodi arias may have no memory of her ex-boyfriend's murder. >>> and the new fist couple of sports. tiger woods and gold medalist lindsey vonn announced they're dating. and they do it in a very happy and public way.
, and it is expected to stretch more than two miles when it makes its way slowly to san jose. we will be streaming that. right now, sue is covering our morning commute. sue? >> traffic 680 through the pleasanton area, we have a big rig off the road all morning but tow truck is just now arriving southbound 680 they will wait until 9:30 this morning to get the big rig out of there but that is the reason if slow traffic through pleasanton. highway four is very slow out of antioch and traffic is bunching up. >> a check on the showers today with mike nic >> we are back with live doppler 7 hd and a wall of water moving toward our beaches. it should be leader by 9:00 spreading across the entire neighbors from west to east from the mid-morning to mid-afternoon hours. when we are beyond that, 10 to 15 degrees warmer by >>> how is it that you remember so many of your sexual encounters including your ex-boyfriend, but you do not remember stabbing travis and dragging his body? >> that is the big question for jodi arias. it strikes right at the heart of her defense and one of the hundreds of questions that came fro
to the cars. >>ing is alert in san jose, still, good morning, everyone, southbound 280, we have what it looked like earlier an accident involving a fatality, and this is what it looked like, the two right lanes remained closed and estimated time of opening is 9:30 this morning, and southbound is still very slow and you can use 880 to 101 to avoid this. eric? >> when we come back, our >> here is a live look from the east bay hills, emeryville, and san francisco and how today is going to be warmer-than-average but for redwood city city at 67. san francisco, napa and san jose and livermore and oakland, two to five degrees warmer than we should be topping out with 70's inland and 60's around the bay and a lost 50's along the coast where the >>> you're looking at the star wrestler they call the masterpiece in the ring. chris plasters, he now deserves a new nickname now, superhero. seen with abbie boudreau there. he bear hugged a tree pushing it down and all to use it as a battering ram to get into a burning home and so save his mother. an impossible story only it actually happened. we'll hear from
bay an amber alert is issued for an 11 in old girl. we are live over the scene in east san jose, you can see all the police activity there, police say the game's mother was warming up the jeep at their home and someone jumped inside the jeep and took off with the baby inside at 6:45. can you see san jose police are investigating gathering clues and information and here is the license plate of the vehicle they are look for: 6bw kfor 40, 2006 white jeep and we have crewed headed to the scene. the latest information on that, now, and more. sue? >> thanks, we have a fatality with caltrain it is northbound that happened early this morning, and we have an investigation underway with major system-wide delays. >> thank you very much. again, we will have updates on th ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >>> and a big monday morning crowd out there in times square. why is that man dancing in the middle of it all? wow, it's uncanny right there. today is a landmark day in music history. we'll tell you all about it in a little bit. >> just makes you want to go hee hee. we'll tell you all about it. >>> an
. >> given the options i'd pick san jose over maine. >> your friend alicia got a raw deal. >> she did but, hey, first time at disney going to have a good time. >> ginger, thanks. >>> to the latest groundbreaking moment for women and sport, history in the making for possibly the most male dominated sports there. >> lauren silverman will become the first female ever to try out for the nfl. for that story, great to have marci gonzalez, newest member of our abc news team here. >> great to be here. thank you so much, dan and bulgari. good morning. silverman has never kicked a football in an organized game but she's been working with a coach practicing every day. her ambitious goal for today, perfect 60-yard field goals. lauren silverman not only clearing the uprights but kicking her way into sports history. this morning silverman will be the first woman to try out for the nfl. >> it would be, you know, a lifelong dream courtroom true. >> reporter: today she's kicking at an nfl regional combine at the jets facility in hopes that she'll impress the scouts and earn an invite to an nfl training ca
greatly and it is looking go to 24. a couple of other problems, we have an accident to report in san jose, and this is north 85, it is out of lanes on the right shoulder. >> thanks, our meteorologist checks out >> a beautiful picture from our roof camera looking at downtown san francisco, a few high clouds out there with clouds increasing today but temperatures are a lot like yesterday, right now we are in 40 mill valley for the cool spot and palo alto is at 44 and san jose at 47. here is what is going to happen today. increasing clouds, temperatures the same as they were yesterday. 5:00, rain is moving into the north bay and 7:00, into the north bay and 7:00, into the heart of the bay, and3 days of g to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it wa
in the mid-to-upper 40's around san jose and oakland, and upper 30's for palo alto and mill valley. today, temperatures are going to be above average anywhere from five degrees in san jose to nine degrees in livermore and napa. that puts us in the low-to-mid 70's inland and upper 60's and near 70's around the bay and low-to-mid 60's at the coast. tonight is clear, a few clouds around and maybe patchy fog and low 40's inland to 49 in san francisco. francisco. check out how we may get toan) g to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ i was thinking about myself ♪ ♪ come on, thinking about myself ♪ ♪ down to veganville >>> justin timberlake on "saturday night live." it was all-star on satur
to bumper with two separate problems gone but slow traffic into concord. san jose, still an accident san jose, still an accident north 85 at 17, slow on 101, as ♪ i just want to feel this moment ♪ ♪ whoa oh oh oh >> who cares about a little rain? we got umbrellas. we got smiles. big crowd out in times square happy to be here on "gma." . a lot of texans here to welcome the bachelor and his new fiance catherine. he proposed dramatically on last night's "bachelor." the crowd sounds pretty excited. >> they're waiting on the bachelor watch. most highly anticipated finale ever of "the bachelor." so many rooting for sean to find true love. he and his fiancee, catherine, flying all night to join us. they'll be here live. they're in the tunnel. yes, they're in the tunnel on their way to be here shortly. >> that's good. >> now just wait till the bachelor couple gets here. no longer be the bachelor couple soon if i take this right. now, lara, you and i were out in l.a. and introducing the new crowd of "dancing with the stars," the new celebs. well, guess what, there's a surprise announcement
-aged boys based from san jose. some charms go back eight years and there could be other victims. >> we will see how the commute is going the sue? >> santa cruz mountains we have good news, northbound 17, an accident is finally cleared from before redwood redwood city estt it is jammed to scotts valley and old santa cruz valley is a good alternate and a new stall west 580 blocking the left lane coming off the altamont pass >> mostly sunny and schooler with 37 in american canyon in petaluma and 48 in the financial district and santa clara is 44. temperatures are warmer, especially inland and cooler around hayward and san jose but that is only a degree or two putting us in the low-to-mid 60's and brisk along the coast and mid-50's. temperatures are fairly instead di ♪ >>> oh, prepostero >>> oh, you're happy. there he is, born to run and perhaps baby-sit. the boss had a massive concert in australia but it gets even better than this. you're going to want to stick around for that as we bid you all a good morning. george taking a good week to have off. it's great to be in for him and have p
that destroyed part of a three story apartment building breaking out on park street at san jose gutting one unit and displaced people from laugh a dozen farms. the red cross is helping them with temporary housing. the fire caused part of a roof collapse but no one was hurt. >> now a look at come commute. good morning, everyone, in hayward we have a new accident just reported southbound 880 at highway 92, just as you approach the san mateo bridge and this is blocking a lane of traffic there and, also, we have this early situation north 680 at the parkway has been cleared but slow traffic remains and to san francisco, south city we have an accident southbound 280. eric? >> when we come back our meteorologist has th >> good morning, san francisco partly cloudy and 50 60's low 40's in the north bay in santa rosa and 50 in hair. this afternoon, it will be partly cloudy and temperatures are cool with the sea breeze in the city and upper 50's and mid-60's for san jose, 64 in vallejo with 67 in morgan hill but partly cloudy tomorrow and a chance of showers our way on thursday and then, again, for thursd
are investigating san jose's third police shooting of the year. an officer fired on a suspect yesterday afternoon after police say a woman in a dolen car tried to run an officer down. the officer shot her at least once, and a man sitting in passenger seat was injured but it is not clear if he was shot. police say they both will recover. the officer was not seriously injured. leyla gulen has a check on the traffic. >> good morning, as we look at 80 westbound at the metering lights we are looking at heavy traffic moving on to the bay bridge. bealso have a brand -- we have d new crash at the expressway, a car and a motorcycle so we have possibly injuries and lanes blocked in that area. eric? >> thank you, leyla, and lisa >> good morning, live doppler 7 hd showing us a business of moisture headed to the san mateo coast, rather, the mendocino covert, but san mateo could see a moist shower with democrats in the low 60's in san francisco, and mid-60's in the afternoon and 70 near san jose with a break tomorrow and a chance of showers and thunderstorms for easter sunday. now back ♪ about a sharp dresse
and oakland still pretty mild in the upper 60s. you head inland and we still have lower 70s for san jose and concord. showers coming our way tomorrow. >>> congress and the president can't agree so the president orders $85 billion in sequester cuts, what that means here. and another bay area gun buy-back, where it is happening and what you need if you want to trade in your gun. "abc 7 >> katie: good morning, i'm katie marzullo. let's start you off with a look at the gets. here is lisa argen. >> the view from mount tam. we do have a few high clouds around. this is allowing for some of that filtered sunshine around the bay. 40s and 50s and we're talking about another day with above normal temperatures. temperatures will range from the 60s at our coast, more of an onshore push from the 70s from san jose down to monterey. we'll look for the numbers to stay mild tonight with the increased cloud cover. if you are headed up to the north bay for the little league game in petaluma, numbers in the mid 40s. one of the cooler locations right on through the afternoon. temperatures range from the mid 5
will be in the upper 50s by the time the parade begins around 11:30 with 70 in san jose morgan hill and low 70s up to richmond. a few degrees cooler tomorrow. rain arrives tuesday into wednesday. >> katie: thank you, lisa. next, why police released a man suspected of this violent bank takeover, now they can't find him. it marks one year after sierra lamar disappeared. what is the family is doing to >> katie: good morning, it's 8:00 a.m. on this saturday morning, i'm katie marzullo. we want to to start off with the quick look at the weather. >>> good morning to you, here is a look from vollmer peak and look at all the sunshine but the visibility has been a problem around the bay. we're talking about a mile and a half up towards napa. two and a half down around san carlos airport. novato about the same and livermore socked in right now. san jose with the clouds around and three-mile visibility at half moon bay. we have high pressure pushing down on the atmosphere allowing for the dense fog in spots this morning. otherwise, look for a cool breezy day at our coast with upper 50s and sun will be trying
at east port, an accident is just clearing. san jose, the early accident, north 101, beyond 280/680 is cleared but the slow traffic >> we are watching the sun over mounts tamalpais and well talk temperatures, we are at least five to nine degrees warmer-than-average. not as warm as yesterday because of the high clouds but well hit the low-to-mid 70's inland and mid-60's to 70 around the bay and upper 60's at the >>> check out this wild ride right there. behind the wheel in disguise is nascar superstar jeff gordon. appears to be a salesman on a jaw-dropping test drive. >> nice and easy. >> no, it wasn't that. the shock ad, has it gone too far going viral and millions overnight. more than 5 million people. >> i think you need dramamine to watch that ad. >>> also up ahead in this half hour a dramatic twist for judge judy facing a huge lawsuit herself. why would a set of china plates -- they might land the most popular judge in court if you can believe it. we'll explain the story in a moment. >>> interesting to hear that. all right, also coming up the fight heating up over how you sh
, though, downtown, 51 across the bay in oakland and we're looking at about 50 in san jose. so with the clouds and mild temperatures and also comes the threat of a shower. numbers will be cool in the city once again at 60. 64 in palo alto. a few peeks of sun here and there, could manage to bring our temperatures up into the upper 60s for livermore. ♪ look ahead, we're looking >>> you know what, it does take two in our gma special event this week. george is the one being doubled this morning. >> there he is. >> is that george there reading -- well, he does read "the new york times" quite a bit when he comes in in the morning. >> that is true. >> or is this -- >> trying to get the angle right. >> very accurate. >> very accurate. >> it's uncanny. >> amazing. >> plastered down hair. >> it could be any dad sitting at the breakfast table right now. they all look just like that. >> you will meet your doppelganger coming up. >> i cannot wait for that. >>> this eerie story about charles manson. he has been in prison serving a life sentence. you see him right there. he may be cultivati
-60's at the coast and 75 in oak, palo alto, and san jose, and a look ahead, clouds, cooler, scattered showers over the weekend and clearing out ♪ hey baby i think i wanna marry you ♪ >> would they want to marry each other? they've been engaged for months. but did they secretly actually get married over the weekend? angelina came out with a gold band. now she's speaking out about the controversy. more on that coming up. >>> look at that crowd out in times square. good friday. great to see them out there and great to have elizabeth vargas in for robin. >> the weather is getting warmer and wonderful to have them. >>> also this morning we'll have the latest on that frightening middle school poison plot. the two 13-year-old students who are facing charges, get this, for spiking their teacher's tea with hand sanitizer. how she finally discovered the clues coming up. >> that's really terrifying. >>> new evidence today that says that the cloth thought to have been used to wrap jesus before he was buried is real. billions about to get a rare look at the shroud of turin for the first time i
service, which is next monday, has actually been moved to san jose to accommodate the thousands of mourners who are expected to attend. this morning police are hoping this woman may have some answers about the killer abc7 news has the latest. >> a steady stream of people continue to pilgrimage to the front steps of the santa cruz police department. >> it shows a
. it is foggy. >> it is. we have trouble in san jose. goodgood morning, we have an accident northbound 87 and it is jam up all the way from highway 85 to 17 to 880 is the best alternate. it is a five-car accident in lane two. the situation in the castro valley area, westbound 238, also at walnut creek, northbound 680 and another accident at 238 at 580 has things jammed. >> our meteorologist, when we >> now a look at live doppler 7 hd you can see no rain but there is extensive cloud cover with visibility at eighth of a mile in oakland. quarter-mile visibility at half moon bay to half a mile visibility in santa rosa and toward hayward. dense fog advisory for the areas shadeed in gray. that is until 9:00. >>> no confusion there. black smoke coming out of the chimney at the sistine chapel. that means no pope yet. there have been three rounds of voting among the cardinals. no cardinal has gotten 77 votes he needs yet and look at thousands of people in the rain at st. peter's square this morning. josh elliott there, as well, covering it all. we'll go back to him in just a little bit. >> the car
but look for 65 in oakland. 67 in san jose. maybe a couple of 70s out by the delta and santa rosa and on even warmer tomorrow. >> katie: next at 8:00, a terrifying incident, find out where in the bay area this happened and hear from another woman. plus google's high-tech glasses >> katie: good morning, happy saturday. it is 8:00 a.m. let's check with the weather. >> good morning to you. from emeryville camera, 44 degrees, one of the warmer locations and we're looking at a lot of sunshine. today we're warming up. in fact the winds we had yesterday really backing off and that will allow the temperatures to come up through the 50s quickly and stop there at the coast. so upper 50s to the upper 60s and there could be a few locations around 70. nine days away from spring and feeling like a spring forecast. i'll explain coming up. >> katie: we have breaking news in the north bay where a police chase has come to a dramatic conclusion. it apparently begin with an armed robbery at a walmart store. live in american canyon with the details. >> reporter: good morning to you. i'm told a man wit
in san jose. a little breezy out towards the delta but not as windy as it's been. just as nice weather tomorrow, but things change in the next seven days. >> katie: thank you. next on news at 8:00 breaking news three people have been shot outside a san francisco nightclub. we'll have at latest from the scene and a manhunt continues after woman is fatally stabbed in >> katie: very good saturday morning to you all. i'm katie marzullo. let's start off with the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> lisa: good morning to you. take a look at live shot from high definition emeryville camera where numbers are in the low 40s and parts of emeryville, upper 40s elsewhere and we have another gorgeous day. wind have been breezy and that will back off to keep temperatures cool there. right now a few 30s and 40s around the bay. by this afternoon, we're talking upper 50s half moon bay, ocean beach with low 70s as you head down towards the hills. 50s in san francisco and the fog is going to stay away tonight. more sunshine tomorrow. as we started the workweek, higher clouds, lower temperatures and
tomorrow. >> katie: good morning, i'm katie marzullo. today san jose soldiers that lost their lives at vietnam war will be honored. they are putting the finishing touches on the memorial. it will be unveiled at noon. black granite memorial features the names of 142 soldiers that died in the war. >>> new this morning, its one and only day of the year, visitors at oakland zoo are encouraged to feed the animal. annual feast for the beast takes place from 9:00 to 3:00. today the first 250 guests will receive a golden ticket allowing them to place treats inside the elephant exhibit. today is the grand opening of a new exhibit. animals which means animals of the tree. let's get a check of the forecast with frances dinglasan. >> here a beautiful view from mount tam looking at high-level clouds and low clouds all around the bay area this morning. live doppler 7 hd picking up on low level moisture. it's not hitting the ground. rain chances come in to play tonight. temperatures also cooler tonight. low 70s in parts of east bay, 71 in concord. overnight is when we'll see better chances of rain
in san jose and los gatos. and now, you can see how foggy the bay bridge toll plaza is, with the fog above the cars. the golden gate bridge is really foggy this morning. some of the other bridges are, too. >> check out the reverse commute and the fog this morning. it is moving from east to west toward the ocean, that is the offshore wind that will bring us the warmer weather this afternoon. look how quickly it is disa disapatit. >> enjoy the warmth. >> the news continues now with "good morning ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >>> we said it before, we'll say it again, we love our studio audience. the people who come out here with their signs, bringing such great energy and joy. great crowd here in times square. d.j. irie spinning us into the weekend. >> it's "deejay friday." >> absolutely. >> and he has a dance himself. >> he has a home game. >> love it when you're here, d.j. irie. george and lara taking time off. glad to have dan harris and rachel smith with us here on a friday morning. >>> why you -- >> why did i fill your shoes? they tell us this is a fitness craze afoot. >> i get it.
. an accident, now, in the san jose area, we had two incidents and northbound 85, that has been cleared and northbound 17 is in the clearing stages and bumper to bumper from half moon bay bay due to an early accident. >> we will c >> we have breaks in the cloud cover right now but there are still a few showers in the not bay near petaluma and santa rosa headed off to the east with some coming from bodega bay. winds are already starting to calm so that will not be an issue like it was this morning. we will have scattered light showers and temperatures in the mid-40's to mid-50's right now and we will top out in the mid-50's, maybe a few upper ♪ ♪ hello. >> hi, everyone, out there in times square. let's take a look at james franco. he is playing the most famous wizard ever in oz, the great and powerful. you see him right there. that's in the movie. he's going to be joining us live in just a couple of minutes. >> our elevator is big enough to handle all that. >> we have a yellow brick road too. >>> also ahead, it was a historic but disappointing performance by the first woman ever to t
bewe have lower 30's in the north bay and mid-40's in san jose, right now, and everyone will be sunny and we are talking upper 50's to around 60 and breezy north wind wind at 10 to 20 miles per hour and hopefully a quiet commute. >> we have first reports from c.h.p. of an accident west highway 580 before the macarthur maze and i do not see slow traffic. to the san bruno border we have an accident at college an overturn so expect ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >>> cleaning the streets. a big happy crowd outside. we want to give a hand to that crowd outside. they're so happy in all that snow, getting ready to celebrate the weekend. we're getting ready to celebrate the weekend with lady starlight. right here. she sings for lady gaga. great to have her here live. she's ready to go. >> apparently hot in here. >> i guess so. robin off today. great to have amy robach here. >>> we also have your new food mashup. it's called the twinkie dog. >> no, it's not. >> your newest food mashup. >> i'm not -- i'm -- >> who is trying it? >> i'm going to recuse myself from this one. >> so everybody knows, th
of trouble spots. nothing at the san mateo bridge with traffic flowing nicely. we have an issue in san jose 87 northbound, an accident on right shoulder when a car hit a tire causing an accident. they are out of the lanes. they are out of the lanes. mike nicco checks [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> high clouds and sunshine with temperatures above average away from the coast and breezy and >>> that friday crowd out in times square, deejay brendan fal fallis inside tooils. having a lot of fun and we've been having so much fun with tom bergeron. >> thank you. >> monday's blockbuster "dancing with the stars" premieres and have emmy winning host of the show tom bergeron. this is season 16. you've been with that show from the very start. this is the first time you have a real h
on wednesday morning. sue? >> a couple of late breaking accidents cleared to the roadway and we go to san jose where we have an issue at stevens creek cleared on the median, northbound 880 and a stall in oakland 880 at high and that has been cleared. kristen and sue? >> join us for midday news t plus, your questions and comments on another edition of the it box. all next on the winning "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ipa and michael strahan! ♪ heers and applause] kelly: hi! hi everybody! it isonday, monday, march 18, 2 how many of you got a good night's sleep last night? [applause]michael: that's it? kelly: very troubling news everybody. while you weren't sleeping, insome any yaks are not the only victims of the consequences of sleep. sleep. according to the march issue of "exp "experience life magazine," there's a magazine i haven't hear that's incredible. even a small deficit, as little as an hour a night, remember how we just recently lost that hour when we jumped forward for daylight savings? ok, can lead to some serious u
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)